Message from Chief Representative for South America

Since its beginnings in 1926 as a producer of rayon fiber, Toray Group has been guided by the slogan "Innovation by Chemistry" to develop cutting-edge materials and high added-value products, working across a wide range of fields such as textiles, plastics and chemicals, films, carbon fiber composite materials, IT-related materials, pharmaceuticals and health care, water treatment and environment and so on.

In Brazil, we grew and expanded Toray Brazil Marketing (TMB) until establishing Toray Brazil (TBL) in 2012. TBL continues to import and sell Toray products and also functions as our office in South America, enabling us to develop and plan new business in the region.

Since Brazil and South America have a vast potential market, we would like to contribute to the achievement of a sustainable society and the improvement of the quality of life in South America through our products and services of the Toray Group as well as TBL’s activities.

We will also consider providing resources of South America with Toray Group in order to support their development and starting production activities for the future in South America.

We would like to enjoy our business, here, in South America.

Chief Representative for South America, Toray Industries, Inc.
President, Toray do Brasil, LTDA.
Taisuke Maeda