Materials can change our lives.

Possibilities, turning seawater into drinking water, reinforcing genetic analysis for medical breakthroughs, furthering
the evolution of eco-cars, producing plant-based functional clothing, extending the shelf life of food for reduced waste,
and creating a world where everyone can achieve their personal best.

Materials have the power to do all of this and more, because materials make our modern world.
The world is full of possibilities and our materials can change the world, which we will never stop believing.

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Grupo Toray no Brasil

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TORAY's presence in Brazil began in 2006 in the form of TORAY MARKETING E VENDAS BRASIL LTDA. Later, in 2013, this became TORAY DO BRASIL LTDA, offering quality, hi-tech products to its customers ever since. The company's headquarters are located in Tokyo, Japan. We specialize in chemical products such as thermoplastic resins, industrial films, flexible packaging films, water treatment membranes, carbon fiber and more.